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About Muuzzer

What is Muuzzer?

Muuzzer is a gamified social media platform that allows you to read and engage with different types of written content, such as poems, snippets, scribbles, opinions, and stories. You can earn points by writing, reading, appreciating, and sharing the content, and then use these points to unlock new features and rewards on the app.

How do I use Muuzzer?

To use Muuzzer, simply download the app from Google Play Store and create an account and start browsing the available content. You can search for specific types of content using keywords, or you can browse through different categories to find something that interests you. Once you find something you like, you can leave a comment, share it with others, or even follow the author to stay updated on their work.

What types of content can I find on Muuzzer?

Muuzzer offers a wide range of content, including poems, stories, opinions, journals, and collections. Each piece of content is created by a writer on the platform and can be browsed and enjoyed by readers.

How do I become an author on Muuzzer?

To become an author on Muuzzer, you can simply create an account and start writing! Once you have written a piece of content, you can submit it to the platform for others to read and engage with. As your work becomes noticed by the readers, they can nominate you and you may even be featured on the platform and receive more recognition from other users.

What are collections?

In this feature, you can add your posts to it and it’ll be shown collectively in a list. This way you can show your series very effectively. Set a cover picture with a catchy title and summary, and your series is ready!

How can I add posts to a collection?

You can add posts to a collection in the following way:

  • If you want to add your own posts: Go to Profile -> Select one of the types (stories, poems etc) -> when the list of posts appears, long press on any one post and you can multi select and press the add to collection icon on top. It’ll ask to either add to an existing collection or create a new one.
  • If you want to add other people’s posts: From either “Home” or “Explore”, tap on the right arrow to see all posts in a list. In that screen, long press and follow the same steps as highlighted above.
  • You can also add a single post to a collection when reading.

How can I connect with other users on Muuzzer?

Muuzzer allows you to connect with other users by following them, leaving comments on their content, nominating the content you like and sharing their work with others. 

How can I provide feedback about Muuzzer?

You can provide feedback about Muuzzer by clicking on the "Feedback" button on the app and sharing your thoughts or suggestions with the Muuzzer team.

Featured Content

I have received an email saying “Your content has been featured”. What does it mean?

  • It means, your post has made it to the home page! Congratulations!
  • To see the post immediately, kindly click on the “See Post” button in the mail you received to see the post
  • Also it is recommended to have the latest version of the app to view the post

I opened the Home Screen but I can nott find my featured post.

  • As there is a lot of content on the Home Screen, the featured content gets shown based on an algorithm. Different people are shown different content as per their reading habits and other parameters.
  • Therefore it might take a while for you to reach your precise post. We would request you to click on the “See Post” button in the mailer that we had sent to you earlier to see which one of your posts got featured.
  • To see the post immediately, kindly click on the “See Post” button in the mail you received to see the post.
  • Also it is recommended to have the latest version of the app to view the post

How do I get my content featured on Muuzzer?

If your content is nominated by a patron and selected by the Muuzzer team, it will be featured on the app and you will receive 25 points as a reward.

How do I know as a patron if my nominated content gets featured on Muuzzer?

If your nominated content gets featured on Muuzzer, you will receive 10 points as a reward, and the nominated content will be showcased to a wider audience on the Home Screen.

Point System

What are points?

Points can be earned by both authors and readers. As a reader, you can earn points by doing things like signing up, verifying your email, reporting content that goes against community guidelines, submitting feedback, and sharing content. You can also earn points by reading and writing different types of content, such as poems, stories, and opinions.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points on Muuzzer by performing various actions on the app, such as reading different types of content, appreciating the content, sharing it, reporting content that violates the community guidelines, and submitting feedback.



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Coin System

What are the three types of coins available?

There are three kinds of coins available: Recharge Coins, Reward Coins and Flash Coins.

How can I get Recharge Coins?

Users can get Recharge Coins by recharging their wallet. There are multiple recharge options available

What are Reward Coins?

Reward Coins are a type of coin that users can earn by accumulating points.

What are Flash Coins?

Flash Coins are a type of coin that users can earn by completing certain tasks in the app. Also, Flash Coins come with an expiry date.

How are points converted into Reward Coins?

For every 100 points earned, users will receive 1 Reward Coin.

Can I convert Recharge Coins into Reward Coins or Flash Coins?

No, Recharge Coins cannot be converted into Reward Coins or Flash Coins.

Is there a limit to how many Reward Coins and Flash Coins I can earn?

There is no limit to how many Reward Coins and Flash Coins users can earn. The number of Reward Coins users can earn is determined by the number of points they accumulate.

Is it possible to receive a refund for Recharge Coins or withdraw Reward Coins and Flash Coins?

Reward Coins and Flash Coins cannot be withdrawn and can only be used within the app. Additionally, Recharge Coins cannot be refunded once the recharge is completed.

Membership Plans

What is Muuzzer Membership?

Muuzzer Membership is a plan that provide access to exclusive benefits and discounts, including a coin multiplier that helps users earn more reward coins, as well as discounts on premium products and services. There are two types of membership plans: Enthusiast Membership and Explorer Membership. Both plans offer a coin multiplier and exclusive discounts, but Explorer Membership has a higher threshold for point-to-coin conversion.

How does the coin multiplier work?

By becoming a member or purchasing a pro membership, you can earn reward coins faster with a coin multiplier. Every 25 points earned will be converted into 1 coin for Enthusiast Membership and every 50 points for Explorer Membership. The conversion starts from the day you purchase the plan.

What is the difference between the Enthusiast Membership and the Explorer Membership?

The Enthusiast Membership offers a coin multiplier of 25 points to 1 reward coin, while the Explorer Membership offers a coin multiplier of 50 points to 1 reward coin. The Enthusiast Membership also provides a discount of 40% on Writing Prompts Pack, whereas the Explorer Membership offers a discount of 20% on Writing Prompts Pack.

Can I upgrade my Membership plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your Explorer Membership to Enthusiast Membership plan within 3 months from the date of purchase of Explorer Membership.

How long do the Membership plans last?

Both Membership plans last for one year.

What are the benefits of the exclusive discounts?

The exclusive discounts provide additional savings on premium products and services, such as writing prompts pack, feedback, wallpapers, quizzes, paid competitions, and more. This allows members to get more value for their money and enjoy enhanced writing and reading experiences.