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The Misunderstood Teenage

Several teenagers feel worried about being "judged" about what they say to adults. Also, sometimes teenagers yearn to have open discussions with adults but are concerned about saying the "wrong" thing.

Write a scribble about all the things that adults don't get about the lives of a teenager? 

The Gender Roles

There are many cultural-based beliefs or norms about role differences between men and women in any relationship. Some of these beliefs, such as "boys should make all the moves in a relationship," Masculine roles are often assumed to be strong, aggressive and more logical or analytical. In contrast, feminine roles are supposed to be more sensitive, nurturing and intuitive.  

Should boys and girls have different roles in a relationship? Write your opinion about this topic.

A 320 Character Story

This month's prompt is straightforward! Write a micro-fiction in 320 characters or less. 

No Rules Poetry

Write a poem of any type. It can be a poem that rhymes. Or a poem that is free verse. It can be a long one or a short poem. You decide any topic of your choice and turn it into something mesmerising. 

A Perfect Story

Have you ever thought that if you were to write a novel, what would be your story? That is the prompt for this month's Story writing competition.

Write a story that you would want to develop later to turn it into a novel.