Immerse Yourself In Journeys

Read, write, share - experiences, perceptions and stories in your vernacular language.

Express Yourself

Let your thoughts choose you, have fun with your creation, write to your heart's content and inspire others with your words.

Explore Stories

Peak into the creative minds of people through their content and become a small part of their extraordinary journey.

Feel At Home

Read and write in your vernacular language to feel connected with your roots and feel the comfort that comes with every word.

We support 12 Indian Languages and 5 Global Languages

We don't just support English; we also support 12 Indian and four global languages for you to read and write the content.

русский язык

Five Types Of Content On One Platform

You can choose to read and write any or all of these types of content


Sometimes what we write has no structure. It is not a story or a poem or even an opinion. It is just a thought that crosses our mind. Scribble is a space for you to put all those wandering thoughts and reflections!


Sometimes only a few words are enough to narrate a story of a lifetime. The snippet is a space for you to write a story in 320 characters or less!


 The poem is a space for you to Pen down all the rhyming and the non-rhyming pieces that ever came to your creative soul!

In My Opinion

Two people can look the same thing and see something different! IMO is a space for you to write your opinions without the fear of judgement because here your opinion matters! 


We all are full of unsaid or hidden or incomplete stories. The story is a space for you to tell all those wonderful undiscovered stories and journeys to the rest of the world. 

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Notable Features Of Our App

Designed for people who believe in the power of creativity

Muuzzer is a distraction-free platform for writers and readers. It has put power where it belongs - with the users, by giving them a choice to write and read in their vernacular languages.

Don't Just Like, Appreciate!

We don't have a like button; rather, we have an appreciation button that gives you

a better opportunity to communicate your thoughts about the content you read.

Great Idea!


I Love!
I Agree!

Other Features That You Will Like (Rather, Appreciate!)

Every Action Counts

Earn points for actions that you perfrom in the app. Read, write, get appreciated and climb up the ladder.

Awesome Content, No Ads

A great place to read and write that is not muddied up by ads. Do what you love the most - read and write; without any distractions.

Writer's Block? We got you!

Whenever you feel stuck or just looking for new ideas, we have got you. For each content type, there is a list of long list of writing prompts and cues waiting for you.

Read Later

Bookmark the content and return to it when you need something familiar and inspiring to keep you company.

Save Drafts, Publish Later

The app saves the content you write on the go. The drafts you write get saved even when you are not connected to the internet.

Easily Shareable

You can download or share the content easily in a beautiful image file that can be shared across the platforms with a click of your finger.

Why Choose Muuzzer?

Let's start by saying that you have our respect. You are right; you deserve more. So here is our masterstroke.

Muuzzer is a platform that gives equal opportunity to all the writers. As a writer, you do not need to worry about getting more followers to get more reach and visibility for your content. You just have to focus on writing good and quality content. Our unbiased and smart AI takes care of the rest.

We make sure that the patrons (we call our readers patrons because they are the admirers of our writers) get to read the best of the content available on our platform. Our machine learning algorithm churns out the most suitable content for the readers keeping their preferences in mind. And it doesn't stop here! We not only show content based on your reading habits, but we also show top quality content from other genres for you to expand your horizons.

Muuzzer as a platform is a win-win for both writers and patrons. Join us today to make our community bigger and better.

What Our Users Say Out Us?

Few days ago, I had downloaded the App. And after Testing it, 👇🏼 I have never been Mesmerized by an Writing App. Features here are Free and Doesn't Spoil the Writer's Effort by "Boost". It doesn't require Payment for Taking part in Competition. It is has Story/Highlights!!! Making it Stand out from Other Overrated Apps. Respected Developer, I thank You for making this App. A Humble request? Don't monetize this App!


This is absolutely a fabulous app. I was experiencing a writer's block and lack of ideas. This app, with its giveaways and brilliant topics brought me back to writing again. The feeling that I got after finishing my story- pure hapiness. If you wanna write, and participate in awesome giveaways, the adress is 221B Muuzzer Street. And the best thing about this app is - No Ads. Absolutely perfect.

Snehasmita Chakraborty

What Our Users Say Out Us?

I'm in love with this app. I can express my feelings through my writing here. I have things to say to the people I love but I'm kinda scared to express those feelings face to face, so I write it down in this app hoping that one day they'll read it.
Thank you for creating this app!
Fathima Farasath
It is a space for all writers, new and old to collectively enjoy and share their own creations. It is as simple as a touch to start publishing your poetry and creative works on the app. It is convenient, easy and has something for each one of us.
I personally am enjoying the app and it's features!
Saumya Shinde